Dealing with feelings of guilt & inadequacy (Moms!)

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Thought Series : Raising a HAPPIE Toddler

Day 5

Hi everyone – Last thought for our focus on ‘HEALTH’ – You & Your child’s.

A small exercise to help all the Stay-At-Home (SAH) Mums & Working Mums align their priorities, values & actions.

Why? Because based on my discussions with a lot of Moms – I realized that there’s a common feeling of guilt & inadequacy in ALL moms !!
Working Mums feel like, “I can’t spend enough time with my child. Am I doing enough?”
SAH Mums feel like, “All day, I’m JUST at home looking after my child. Am I doing enough?”

These feelings constantly drain our mental and emotional energy, leaving us with little or no juice left for our child. And so, it’s important that we deal with it, again so that we can offer our best to our child.

I believe, a lot of the feeling of inadequacy stems from our own lack of appreciation for ‘What we want from ourselves & our lives?’ We all have our kids as our FIRST priority – but what else is most important to us.

We must clearly identify that and take whatever steps we can to fulfill those other priorities also. What could the other priorities be?

  • Your hobbies / interests
  • Your work
  • In general, actions that relate to & satisfy your core values

Thought for Today

  1. Today, let’s choose 5 core values from the below list (image) and think of what are we doing / what can we do to fulfill those core values on a regular basis:
From my course ‘Find your Focus’ on Skillshare

2. Once you have listed your 5 core values, create ‘I want’ statements based on those core values. Below is an example of how I’ve done it.

From my course ‘Find your Focus’ on Skillshare

3. Once you have these goals before you, list what can you do / what are you doing to meet these goals and core values.

In my case, whatever I’m doing now – teaching, blogging, working from home – all of it aligns with these core values & life goals – and it gives me a sense of peace and accomplishment, a feeling of adequacy whenever I feel low.

All this did not happen overnight. It has taken me more than a year to reach this state of alignment where I feel worthy and useful, in whatever I’m doing.

I’d love to see all Moms – SAHM or Working – to feel fulfilled EACH and EVERYday – because you really are doing a GREAT JOB!!!

Let me know your thoughts!!


We begin our focus on the next need to raise a HAPPIE Toddler, that’s Attention / Connection.

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Sharing is Caring!