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Sharon Mary
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by Sindoori Prajeesh on Sharon Mary
Workshop-raising whole brain child

The workshop was extremely good and explained the minute of details which we need to mind while dealing with our kids .I felt it was more to ponder n reflect on how are we doing on the parenting role as we might be under the impression that we are perfect and doing jt the right way until you attend this workshop 🙂.More to learn how the little humans brain and mind work and how we indirectly influence them by our approach, behaviour and interaction.
Every parent should attend this irrespective of if u have only one kid or more than that especially the parents with kids from 0-10 yrs.I am glad I found this workshop at the right point of time in my parenting phase.All the best Sharon for more interesting workshops ahead!!!

by Resham on Sharon Mary
Highly recommended

The whole brain workshop was very useful and helpful. Sharon helped me understand the cause of the toddler behaviour issues and how to handle them from the root. The webinars were really lucid and practical to understand and follow. Sharon is very passionate about guiding moms during the parenting journey which is really required when parenting toddlers.

by Padmavathi on Sharon Mary
Raising whole brain Kids

Guided us to analyse the actual root cause of our kid's behaviour and how we should be helping them to deal with it.

Would definitely recommend this course to others.

by Mounika on Sharon Mary
Raising whole brain kids

Sharon changed my perspective in raising a toddler. She helped me understand and empathize how and what they go through crystal clearly .Must say she analyses the challenges in detail and suggest her strategies which are realistic and way more practical.

by Priti on Sharon Mary
Workshop on Raising the Whole Brain Child

This parenting class was extremely informative and interesting. I found it easy to understand, and I loved the real-life examples included. I'd recommend this course to anyone. It's truly been helpful to myself and my family

by Sloka Balasubramanyan on Sharon Mary
One stop shop for a bunch of diverse baby entertaining resources!

I first got acquainted with Sharon through the La Leche League group and attended her initial sessions on potty training and managing toddler aggression. I was already wowed by methods and ideas. And them she introduced me to this brilliant 30days activity guide that she has so meticulously put together. This had me floored from day one! It's such a thoughtfully compiled series of videos and activity ideas to stimulate different parts of our baby's brain and having fun while doing it. While my son is too little for me to try some of these (14months) I can't wait to do this entire series withh him when he is slightly older. These ideas have brought out the kid in me as well and I am sure we have lots of fun times in store. I look forward to more such series from Sharon and highly recommend following her blogs and parenting sessions.....she is phenomenal!

by Anmol khanchandani on Sharon Mary
Kids Hub Activity

I tried distance learning kids hub activity program with my 3 year old toddler, she enjoyed all activities. I am a mother as well as teacher by profession... I would highly recommend sharon's kids hub activity to everyone. Thank you!!

by Yesha on Sharon Mary
Consultation: Toddler behaviour

I reached out to Sharon to understand some aggressive behaviour trait in my child which were bothering me. I found her counseling to be really helpful within a short span time. Very precise and prompt in replies ,I appreciate all the help she has extended in helping me understand and deal with my child s aggression.

by Roli on Sharon Mary
Consultation : Toddler aggression

I had a one to one chat with Sharon about few concern as a first time parent to which she gave very clear idea on how to deal with it. She even followed up with me when I was unable to revert.
Thank you for your support

by Sushma on Sharon Mary
Potty training

I attended the potty session organized by Sharon.Never felt bored anywhere and it was so informative and had real time examples which was very good. After applying her few suggestions my son is now potty trained. Thanks a lot for that Sharon!!!

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