Sharing is Caring!

Frequently Asked Questions

Thought Symphony is a blog by a stay-at-home Mom who’s on a mission to help many other parents and to-be-parents be well prepared with solutions for the parenting woes they face or will face. Through this blog she intends to share the nuggets of parenting wisdom she has garnered by reading, researching and experimenting in her own parenting journey with her little daughter.

The power of communication in parenting is unfathomable, yet often underestimated or ignored. When a parent’s thoughts are in line with the child’s & vice versa – each of them speak and act in a way that’s comparable to a beautiful symphony. 

Thought Symphony aims at helping parents align their mind, words and actions with the child’s needs and feelings, so that together they can create a beautiful symphony which gradually unravels a beautiful soul from within the child and also, unfolds a deep, nourishing and lasting bond between the parent and child. 

Thought Symphony will be of most value to parents and to-be-parents. Also, teachers dealing with children would also gain much from the insights shared on this site. 

Well, without meaning to look down upon other mom-blogs or parenting blogs out there (because I have personally gained so much from them), I’d like to say that Thought Symphony will not just provide you with a solution for ‘the’ problem at hand (like most blogs do), but it will help you develop an understanding of your parenting problem, the reason behind your child’s behavior and provide you with a thought process & a mental model that you can carry a long way with you for similar or related problems you might face in the future. Now with that kind of arsenal under your wings, you will not have to google your issues out 20 times a day!!

Every subscription to this blog is a note of encouragement to keep up the good work! (And that’s like lifeblood for a thriving mom-blogger!!) Plus, if you really enjoy the content here and gain value from it, subscribing will help you stay updated and never miss a thing that’s posted.

Well, she has a Double Masters! But she knows as well as any other Mom that no degree can qualify her enough for the job called ‘Parenting’, let alone give advice on it.

But, I – Sharon Mary – am committed to share the best, most well-researched content in a way that every parent can easily relate with and which can be easily put into action for lasting impact in your parenting. 

I believe this commitment and dedication qualifies me for the task!




Sharing is Caring!