Sharing is Caring!



Hi There,

Thanks so much for coming here and taking the time to know me better! 

I value every second you spend here & I promise to deliver utmost value to help you achieve your deepest desire as a parent, that is – to do the best you can for the best of your child.

Scroll below to know more about my journey & my story!

Turning my MESS into my MESSage


I was a working professional who was placed right out of campus after my MBA into a leading paint company’s marketing division. Sounds like the ideal thing to happen in your life, right? Unlikely, if you hear about the things I tried my hands at, before doing my MBA.

While I was in the 4th grade, I wanted to become a teacher – but by the time I was about to enter college –  I couldn’t decide between becoming a Fashion Designer or a Nutritionist or a Physiotherapist. So, as every good kid would do – I decided to go by what my parents suggested, and what other relatives and family members had suggested to them – BIOTECHNOLOGY. Apparently, it was a fast growing field with a lot of ‘scope’. I completed my graduation in Biotechnology & Microbiology (again because I couldn’t choose, and wanted to keep my options open!).

Masters was obviously the next logical thing to do, and so I did – As I was completing my Masters – I was still confused (I’m sorry) whether becoming a lecturer would be the best thing – or should I go for a career that pays better. And that’s where the MBA came in!!

As I had wished for – I landed a well-paying job soon after my MBA. While the initial 2 years were amazing as I learnt a lot, the pain of slow or rather no growth started creeping in after that –  I had stopped growing personally, and professionally also there were a lot of hurdles and roadblocks thrown at me. The pains aggravated once I got married – the 8am to 8pm working hours including my travel time – left little or no time for me and my husband to bond. The only saving grace was the weekends, which at times would be spent working on excel sheets!

I wanted to break out of this box I was in – and earn by doing things I really love. I wanted to be able to spend much more time with my husband and my family.

At that time, I was struggling trying to figure out all the options I had. I realized I could find another job or freelance or set up my own business, the options were overwhelming. Because of my background, I was actually good at a lot of things, but obviously I couldn’t do everything!?

Every moment when I was not thinking about my work, I would find myself feeling lost and meaningless – Deep inside, I was yearning for a sense of meaning in my life, I was yearning for a clarity of purpose in my life and I desperately wanted to know how I could design a life of meaning and purpose around my passions!

Then I got pregnant, and that seemed like the end of my career! I realized I couldn’t get promoted for another 2 years at least. 

While I was ecstatic about the little one who was about to join us, I felt like giving up on my job because I saw no hope!

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened.

I stumbled upon this book called ‘Renaissance Soul’ which caters to multi-passionate people, and that kind of clicked! I read the book and realized that I was indeed a Renaissance Soul with too many interests, but what made the most impact on me was a simple exercise in that book that opened my mind to the VALUES that are most dear to me. And they are – Freedom, Family, Learning, Recognition and Generosity.

I realized that I was feeling suffocated in my job – because it was stifling my freedom, I couldn’t spend time with my family, learning had come to an end and I wasn’t even being recognized for the work & hours I was putting in.

And this is when everything changed! I knew I had to quit and do something that feeds my soul, makes me happy and still lets me earn. And that’s how Thought Symphony was born.

THOUGHT SYMPHONY is the fruit of my passion and expertise put together. 

My Passion & Expertise


Family is Everything for me, and now with my daughter – she is definitely my first-est priority! 

Right since the day I realized I was pregnant, I have devoured blog after blog on Google, Pinterest & Facebook groups – trying to prepare myself beforehand for all the problems & struggles I could possibly face. And this strategy of pre-empting and learning from others’ expertise & mistakes has served me well so far. 

In the process, I have also deepened my love for reading. Right since my teenage, I loved reading Self-Development books – Robin Sharma & the likes. My other interests include Psychology, Communication Skills and Personality DevelopmentWell, now my to-read list consists of Parenting books, mostly! I can safely say that I have been working on making myself a better version of myself for the last 10+ years! 😀 

Because I have been continually reading, implementing and improving in all these multiple areas of interest, along with my education in Science & Marketing – I have developed a good analytical mind, confident communication skills and a global intelligence which allows me to apply concepts from one field into another field meaningfully and draw out beautiful connections & lessons.

Here below, is how I want to share my gifts with the world by marrying my passion with my expertise!


My Goals

In my parenting journey so far, I have had many key insights (thanks to my reading, research & experimentation!) plus, I have developed some mental models that help me make wise parenting decisions in a snap! 

I started this blog with the goal to help as many parents and to-be-parents as I can to be as prepared as possible on their parenting journey. 

Parenting is a full-time job which we do for years on end. And like any job, if you don’t love and enjoy what you do, you will have quite a distressing and painful time doing it! 

My aim is to gift you with thoughts, wisdom and ideas that will help you do your ‘job’ with much passion and love, and ultimately help you raise smart & responsible kids who nurture a deep and lasting bond with you as a parent. 

I promise to show you how all of this is possible merely with the power of your mind and words!

Sharing is Caring!