Enhancing Parent-Child Relationship

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Thought Symphony?

Here’s where you will find 

the best & most trusted resources on how to enhance 

Parent-Child Relationship’ 

through effective communication

– setting a strong foundation for a lasting and loving bond right since early childhood (0-8 years)
raising well-behaved & disciplined kids with love & empathy, without the fear of spoiling them
– identifying the natural inherent genius & goodness in every child & nurturing it to full potential


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About me

Sharon Mary

Hi! To say the least about me, I am just a Mom trying to figure out the best way to raise my little daughter. 

In parenting, I prefer being prepared than sorry. And like most parents, I wish kids came with an instruction manual!Thankfully though, in today’s internet age – none of our parenting questions will ever be unanswered.  And so, I read voraciously!! About parenting styles, advice, tips and anything I can find on the topic. 

I can now say that – Research, with a pinch of common sense and the courage to experiment has served me well so far in my parenting journey.

My interest & expertise lies in ‘Parent-Child Communication’. 

Thought Symphony is the fruit of my passion to share my learning and experiences as a ‘Mom’ to help parents like you have the smoothest ride possible on this roller coaster called ‘Parenting’.